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The Verge .NET

Release Notes

  • Added ability to add comments. (Note that I didn't support OAuth providers. You must log in with your 'The Verge' credentials)
  • Fixed text size increasing when you rotate the phone to landscape orientation.
  • Fixed YouTube & other embded videos from not loading. Now you should be able to see videos right in the article.
  • Updated infinite scroll. Now items start loading prior to you reaching the bottom.
  • Updated the UI with better spacing and larger thumbnail previews.

  • Fixed issue with settings page closing as soon as it starts for some users.

  • Article Page
    • Improved animation performance
    • Embeded videos now render correctly (permitting they're using the new iFrame embedding technique)
    • More sharing options. (Copy Url, SMS, E-Mail, Post to Social Network)
  • Media Page
    • Photos
    • Podcasts
    • Videos
  • Pinnable Pages
    • Now you can pin a particular page to your start screen. So you can pin Reviews, Featured or Latest to start, or you can pin Podcasts, Videos or Photos, so you have quick access to the sections you enjoy. You can even pin a particular forum entry to the start screen.
  • Settings Page
    • Article Page font size - Now you can change the font size of the text of the articles.
    • Orientation Lock

  • Article Comments (Read Only)
  • Forums
  • Sections (Hubs / Brands / Categories)
  • Themeing - You can now change the accent color as well as force a light or dark theme to make it easier to read.

v1.0.0.0 - Initial Release

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